In an atmosphere of respect, transparency, confidentiality and privacy, the neutral divorce financial mediator will guide you through documenting your community and separate property and debt and estimated future income and expense and then prepare your preliminary Declarations of Disclosure to exchange. The financial mediator will then help you decide whether you prefer considering each asset and debt as community or separate property and then help you both value and divide your assets and debt. If you have underage children, we will refer you to a trained family professional who will mediate your required parenting plan to help you create a foundation for co-parenting that will enable you to act in your children’s best interest. Your financial and parenting plan mediation typically are scheduled parallel and completed about the same time. When you have come to substantial financial and co-parenting agreement, we will refer you to consulting attorney to discuss with you what the law says, what it does not say and answer any questions either of you might have about you legal rights and responsibilities and help you negotiate a comprehensive child and/or spousal support agreement that assures your future well-being and that of your post-divorce family. The consulting attorney will then complete the documentation of your agreement, review your final Declaration of Disclosures in the form required by the court and navigate you through the court system.

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