Our sole objective in divorce financial mediation is the future well-being of your post divorce family.

If you and your spouse have agreed that mediation is your preferred divorce process option, a financial mediator at Financial Divorce Bay Area is able to mediate the division of your assets and debts respectfully, transparently, confidentially and affordably.

Once you have signed and exchanged your Declarations of Disclosure,  your mediator will note your initial preferences as to division and facilitate discussions designed to resolve your  disagreements as to division of your property. We’ll model the future financial impact of various division scenarios estimating your ongoing support needs, comparing and contrasting various settlement proposals, both before and after tax, develop alternate settlement proposals as needed and analyze short-term and long-term cash flow and future net worth for both you and your spouse.

Divorce thoughtfully and respectfully with mediation or Collaboration

If you have minor children, we will refer you to a trained family professional who will mediate your required parenting plan to help you create a foundation for co-parenting that will empower you to act in your children’s best interest.

Once we have come to tentative financial and co-parenting mediated agreements, we will refer you to consulting counsel to discuss with you and your spouse what the law says and what it does not say and answer any questions either of you might have about your legal rights and responsibilities. Once we have finalized your mediation understanding, the consulting attorney will memorialize your understanding in the format required by the court and navigate your memorialized agreement through the court system.

If you would like more information, we offer a no-charge half-hour consultation either by Zoom video-conferencing or by phone if you prefer: