Our objective in Collaborative divorce mediation is the future well-being of your post divorce family. We provide the support needed for you to uncouple respectfully, confidentially and transparently and affordably.

Respectfully because we actively listen to each of you. And we provide a safe container for each you to voice your concerns and express your needs and interests in such a way that your spouse listens to and actually begins to ‘hear’ what you are saying.

Confidentially and transparently because what happens in the Collaborative mediation process is based on ‘good faith’ transparent communication that ‘stays’ within the Collaborative mediation process.

Affordably because the Collaborative divorce mediation process assigns tasks without duplication of effort to the right specialist professional, at the right time and at the right hourly rate effectively and efficiently.

Documentation of your preliminary disclosures, characterization of your assets and debt as to Community or separate property and valuation of your assets and their division are mediated by a divorce financial mediator.

Similarly, a family professional will help each of you express your needs and interests to yourself and to each other with clarity, will mediate your required parenting plan and be available, as well, post divorce to modify your parenting plan, if needed, as your children change and develop into adults.

You will each engage your own Collaborative attorney to consult with you, as needed, on what the law says and what a judge might order if you litigated your divorce – so as to better inform your eventual Collaborative agreements which, in the Collaborative mediation process, are not limited to what a judge might order but may be customized to reflect resolutions that work for the both of you. We believe that most divorcing couples intuitively know best what is the best resolution for them.

Your spousal and/or child support agreement will be jointly co-mediated by your parenting-plan and financial mediator with the involvement of your consulting Collaborative attorneys. And, once you have mediated your financial and parenting-plan agreement, one of your consulting attorneys will memorialize your marital settlement agreement and the other attorney review it prior to your signing and their submission to the court.

If you would like more information, we offer a no-charge half-hour consultation by Zoom video-conferencing: