Making Informed Decisions

Together, we’ll gather all the information you need to clarify your choices, provide creative strategies to help you meet both your family’s needs and make informed decisions. We’ll begin with helping you make your single most important decision – what divorce process options to choose. We discuss the benefits and challenges of your divorce process options: do-it-yourself, mediation, Collaboration, litigation and the many variations in between.  We help you get on the same page. We help you to begin problem-solving together.

We next help you identify and document your required Declarations of Disclosure for assets, debts, projected income and expenses. We’ll explore the characterization of your assets and debts as to community or separate, help you agree on the values of your property.

And, if you choose, we will mediate the division of your assets and debts by noting what preferences you may have as to division and, based on those preferences, we’ll model the future financial impact of those preferences by estimating your ongoing support needs, comparing and contrasting various settlement proposals, both before and after tax, develop alternate settlement proposals as needed and analyze short-term and long-term cash flow and net worth of both you and your spouse. If you have minor children, we will refer you to a parenting plan mediator. Once we have a mediated financial understanding, if you have an attorney, we will meet with you, your spouse and your attorney to review your tentative mediated understanding and invite counsel to weigh in on what the law says and doesn’t say so that you can make legally informed decisions. If you do not yet have an attorney, we will refer you to an experienced licensed family law attorney. Once we have finalized your mediation understanding, your attorney will memorialize that understanding in the format required by the court and navigate your memorialized agreement through the court system.

For a no-charge half-hour consultation, email us and we will setup a time to video-conference: