What California Couples Need to Know about How to Divorce

Try to do it myself? Hire a lawyer and fight? What will it cost? What other choices are there? Mediation? Collaboration? I don’t even know what Collaboration is. What will happen to us? The kids. What about the kids? What will happen to the kids?

Divorce happens.

It’s difficult when you’re the one who wants it;

it’s really difficult when you’re the one who doesn’t want it.

It’s difficult when your kids are little;

difficult when they’re big.

It’s difficult when money isn’t a problem –

and it’s really difficult when there’s not enough money.

Do we have enough money for two homes? How do we figure support if one makes less than the other? Can either one of us afford to keep the house? If not, do we sell the house now or wait? What about health insurance? My retirement plan. Who gets it? Should we just live separately and not divorce? What about the money my dad left me? Who gets it? How can I afford to send the kids to college now?

Figuring out the benefits and challenges of your divorce process options is tough. It’s even harder when you’re being asked to make process decisions at a time when your decision-making ability is likely to be most impaired. Every separation involves emotional turmoil, family upheaval and feelings of loss. Common sense tells us that we tend to make bad decisions when we feel overwhelmed. Divorce proceedings can make you feel powerless because the legal system operates according to rules and principles that you may know nothing about.

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