Divorce respectfully with MediationYour single most important decision is choosing your divorce process.

Going through a divorce can make you feel powerless and make unwise decisions when you feel overwhelmed. Don’t know where to turn? Learning about your divorce options will help you understand and manage the legal, financial and emotional aspects of this challenging life transition. Learning about your divorce options will help you explore your choices and make informed decisions about which process will most likely lead to the outcomes you want. Learning about divorce options will help you take control of your divorce and move forward with your life.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

If you are getting divorced, you and your spouse probably aren’t communicating well. We have found that the strong emotions that inevitably accompany the divorce process are reduced if you both can “get on the same page” early and, if possible, agree on “how” to get divorced by learning the benefits and challenges of your process options:

  • Self-representation (“do-it-yourself”)
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Traditional Representation
  • Customized Divorce Process

Each process option addresses your needs, your children’s needs, and your family’s differently. Divorce is a transition that will deeply affect you, your children, and your family emotionally, financially, legally. Make sure you are informed about your options. Learning alone is difficult and time-consuming and it’s even harder when you and your spouse are asked to make process decisions in the middle of family emotional upheaval.

Divorce respectfully with CollaborationThe first step is to take control of your divorce and to attend a no-cost divorce options webinar. You and your spouse may attend the same webinar or a different webinar if you prefer. But it’s better to attend the same Collaborative Divorce California Divorce Options webinar so you both get the same relevant information.

The second step, if you attended a Divorce Options webinar but your spouse has not, is to reach out to your spouse to attend the next Divorce Options workshop available so that you can begin to agree on how best to move forward.

The third step may be to consult with us or another unbiased professional who can “fill in the blanks” and answer any remaining questions you may have. At Financial Divorce Bay Area, we offer a couples consultation to discuss the benefits and challenges of each divorce process option, help you to agree on which works best for you and then connect you with the resources you will need.

DIVORCE OPTIONS™ ONLINE WEBINARS are 3-hour workshops presented by a family law attorney, a certified divorce financial analyst and a divorce counselor and are available monthly from the privacy of your own shelter-in-place at no cost. They are free. In San Francisco, the webinar is held monthly usually on the first Saturday of the month:  Pre-Register for a Divorce Options Online Workshop Here

If you would like more information, we offer a no-charge half-hour consultation by Zoom video-conferencing: