Collaborative Divorce California


Don Blythe has been elected President of Collaborative Practice California for the coming fiscal year that begins at our annual Celebration on April 24-26 in Redwood City, California. Collaborative Practice California  supports nearly 500 legal, financial and mental health Collaborative practitioners statewide who help couples separate respectfully, amicably, transparently and privately to ensure the future [...]

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Why a Divorce Options Workshop?


Divorce is very hard - it's hard when you're the one who wants it; it's hard when you're the one who doesn't want it. It's hard when your kids are little; it's hard when your kids are big. And it's hard when times are good - but it's particularly hard in times of economic uncertainty. [...]

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Video-conferencing Uses in Divorce


Divorcing couple in the Bay Area DIVORCE IS HARD –it’s hard when you both agree early on which divorce process is best for you; it’s harder when you can’t agree. It’s hard when you both live in the same area; and really hard when you are separated by distance; it’s hard when you [...]

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Financial Concepts in Plain English


The financial specialist in a divorce financial planning process is often referred to as a “financial neutral” because of our impartiality with respect to both you and your spouse. Financial neutrals are an integral part of the divorce process. We are not advocates for either of you and we may not be engaged by either [...]

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