Divorce collaborative Mediation & mediative Collaboration are both affordable, respectful, transparent, private and confidential divorce process options

Your California divorce process options are many and varied and include the four traditional divorce process options of do-it-yourself, litigation, mediation and Collaboration as well as many custom combinations of these four primary divorce options. Want to learn more about all of your divorce options? 

If you both feel that your divorce transition only needs support by a family law attorney, a divorce financial specialist and a divorce family professional working in concert to co-mediate your divorce process, then co-mediation engaging Collaboratively-trained family, financial and legal mediators is a more affordable process option.  Learn more about this collaborative Mediation process option.

If you feel that the emotional, financial and/or legal needs of your divorce transition are more complicated and that your family will benefit  being supported by separate family law attorneys to advise and advocate for each of you individually in concert with a divorce financial mediator and a divorce family professional mediator working together to help you through the entire divorce process, then a more traditional divorce Collaboration process engaging financial and family professional neutrals as mediators is a more supportive process option. Learn more about this mediative Collaboration process option.

Both the more streamlined collaborative Mediation and the more supportive mediative Collaboration combine the many benefits of mediation and Collaboration – affordability, respectfulness, transparency, privacy, confidentiality and support from interdisciplinary Collaboratively-trained family, financial and legal professional mediators whose focus is the future well-being of your post divorce family.

Do these processes sound expensive or time-consuming?

They’re not.


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