Thinking about divorce

Your financial divorce will be a pivotal transition in both your lives.

You and your spouse will be making major decisions with far-reaching consequences and will undoubtedly benefit from the expert guidance we provide during the divorce process.

Divorce financial planning helps you both make smarter decisions by providing more clarity for the complex financial decisions that must be made.

We help divorcing couples together navigate this difficult financial landscape in a respectful, confidential and  affordable manner.

For most couples, divorce may be the most wrenching transition of their lives. The slings and arrow are felt emotionally and financially and it’s easy to allow events to spin out of your control.

You will often be required to make a host of major decisions that will have long-term consequences. Even the most financially sophisticated people often need expert guidance during a divorce.

We help you with the financial planning needed to make the best possible decisions. We point out to you possible pitfalls. And we provide financial guidance that even some attorneys may not always provide.

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