2-Mediation-1In an atmosphere of respect, transparency, confidentiality and privacy, a divorce financial mediator who is a CPA will meet with you and your spouse in usually two or three two-hour financial mediation meetings over a 30 day period. These meetings will be held using video-conferencing software for your comfort and convenience. During these meetings, the CPA financial mediator will document the preliminary Declarations of Disclosure you are required by California Courts to exchange with each other and then facilitate discussions about community versus separate property and how to value and divide your community assets and debt. To empower you to visualize your post-divorce future with more clarity, the CPA will also explore with you your expected future incomes and expenses and the financial impact of any child and/or spousal support options on your individual net worth over time.

If you have underage children, a trained family professional will mediate your required parenting plan by helping you create a foundation for co-parenting that will enable you to act in your children’s best interest. These meetings may be optionally held face-to-face or using video-conferencing software for your comfort and convenience. Your financial and parenting plan mediations typically are scheduled parallel to each other and are completed at about the same time in the collaborative mediation process.

When you and your spouse have come to substantial financial and co-parenting agreement, the financial mediator typically will meet with you together along with the attorney mediator using video-conferencing software to discuss what the law says and what it does not say and answer any and all questions either of you might have about you legal rights and responsibilities. During this meeting, the two mediators will help you finalize a comprehensive child and/or spousal support agreement that assures your future well-being and that of your post-divorce family. The attorney mediator will then complete the legal documentation of your agreement, review your preliminary and final Declaration of Disclosures and navigate your divorce process through the California court system to completion.

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