Unless you do it yourself, divorce mediation is the least expensive of your divorce options and takes the least time. But you both must be comfortable with using a single divorce attorney and with openly discussing your divorce issues face-to-face and you both must want to separate respectfully and thoughtfully in order for divorce mediation to be effective.  More about Divorce Mediation…


If one or both of you are experiencing difficult emotions or you both are simply more comfortable with your own separate, individual attorney to counsel with and advocate for you, then the Collaborative divorce process is a safer container for your legal, financial and emotional separation. Collaborative divorce costs more than divorce mediation but less than divorce litigation. More about Collaborative Divorce…


Divorce litigation involves two adversarial divorce attorneys and tends to be the most emotionally painful and expensive of your divorce options. But it may be your most appropriate option if one spouse has been abusive to the other spouse or to the children, if one spouse has a serious mental disorder, if one spouse believes the other has been materially dishonest financially or if one spouse is unwilling to compromise or participate in the divorce process. More about Divorce Litigation…


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There is a fourth divorce option. It is possible to file your own divorce and complete the divorce process in San Francisco without retaining an attorney, a divorce financial analyst or a parenting plan professional.

Before you make a decision to divorce yourselves, though, consider whether you and your spouse are good candidates. You may, in fact, be good candidates for a Do It Yourself divorce if:

  • You both agree on ALL major issues (division of property, custody, and support).
  • Your family’s assets and debts are very simple.
  • You both believe you have complete information about all of your assets and debts.
  • You both are comfortable with the terms of your co-parenting arrangements for your children with respect to custody, support and shared parenting time.
  • You both believe your agreement is fair and reasonable.
  • You both have the time to research California family law, gather the required documentation, and follow through with court filings and appearances.
  • You both have the temperament to handle the emotional roller coaster that will inevitably come into play even if you both agree completely with respect to the process.

Court-based Self-Help Divorce Center and Divorce Facilitators in San Francisco: Court-based self-help centers are staffed by attorneys and other qualified personnel under their direction to provide information and education about the divorce process and to work with the court to provide effective management of divorce cases with no direct attorney involvement. Many self-help centers are combined with the family law facilitator programs. These facilitators, working for the superior court, guide divorcing couples through procedures related to child support, maintenance of health insurance, and spousal support. They assist with cases involving the local child support agency. Divorce Facilitators can help divorcing couples with forms, court procedures, and support calculations, and they provide workshops and referrals to community agencies that assist parents and families. In San Francisco, legal information and resources are available at little or no charge from Divorce Facilitators at:

San Francisco Divorce Self-Help Center, 400 McAllister St., Room 509, San Francisco, CA 94102

Divorce Facilitators in San Francisco Can:

  • Give you information in many languages and explain your legal divorce options.
  • Give you tools to represent yourself in divorce Court.
  • Show you how to fill out the legal forms, follow divorce court procedures, find resources or a lawyer.

Divorce Facilitators Cannot:

  • Help with discovery.
  • Act as your lawyer (there is no attorney-client relationship).
  • Go with you to Court, or speak to a Judge for you.


The Judicial Council of California maintains websites to help users navigate the divorce court system and acquire realistic expectations about the legal system and which admittedly receives over 4 million visitors each year at www.courts.ca.gov/selfhelp-divorce.htm and www.sucorte.ca.govAnother website, www.familieschange.ca.gov, provides extensive information for children, teens, and parents in an interactive and age-appropriate manner on divorce issues. An online parenting education class is included on the site and provides three hours of free online video-based classes to help parents help their children during divorce or separation. The self-help website offers many videos to explain basic legal issues and court processes.

A new video, Orientation to Family Court Services, provides critical information to self-represented parents on court procedures, mediation, child custody evaluation, child custody recommending counseling, effective presentation of child-related information to the courts, parenting plans, and supervised visitation. It contains interviews with parents and children who have participated in mediation and shares their perspectives. Additional videos describe how to prepare court forms for an uncontested divorce and how to prepare for a family law hearing; they are available in English and Spanish.

Other San Francisco DO IT YOURSELF DIVORCE Resources:

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