Divorce collaborative mediation is affordable, respectful, transparent, private and confidential

A divorce financial mediator who is a CPA will help you prepare and document your required disclosures, characterize your property and debt as to community or separate and then help you value and then divide that property and debt. The financial mediator will also use sophisticated, tax-effected financial planning software to determine the financial impact of any child and/or spousal support options on each of your cash-flows and help you each create a realistic divorce financial plan with estimates of each of your future individual incomes and expenses.

If you have minor children, the Court will require that you both agree on a co-parenting plan. In the divorce collaborative mediation process, a divorce family professional will mediate your parenting plan and then also be available to you both post-divorce as a resource when your children inevitably grow older and their needs change.

It’s important you both know what the law says and what the law does not say so that you can make good, informed decisions. You and your spouse know better than any family law judge what waters have passed under your bridge during the marriage. In collaborative mediation, you both get to decide what is a fair mediated agreement. It’s still important however to know what the law says and what it does not say. To better understand your legal rights and responsibilities, you both will meet together with a divorce attorney mediator who will answer any legal questions you may have, take your final financial and family mediation agreements and put them into the written form and format required by the Court and then navigate them through the Court system.

Sound expensive and time-consuming? It’s not. Not when compared to the other divorce process options available to you.

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